La Poste Vivatech 2017

La Poste

For its presence at the Vivatech 2017 show in Paris, La Poste asked DigitasLBi Labs to present its innovative and humane offer of services through a booth experience against the flow.

With the skills of Publicis Event, we have developed one of the most emblematic stands of Vivatech 2017, a unique and memorable place, as a metaphor for innovation at La Poste: a tree that draws its energy from startups that surround it and produce fruits of unparalleled quality; namely La Poste services.


La Poste services offer had to be presented at Vivatech : a celebrating point of the innovation through a technology filter. Vivatech trade show is the time where every brands try to be the most stunning to catch the attention, often with an orgy of means and technologies. The main goal was to find a solution to become visible without upmanship that wouldn’t reflect La Poste DNA : namely a strong innovation ability with cutting edge services, but in an easy and straightforward way.


Innovation is becoming more efficient and relies on ever more advanced and efficient technologies, but to be more humane should not it be more simpler ?


La Poste have an unique digital transformation program, based on its so specific DNA : an historic and human network all over the country, offering a communication and logistics services with a never seen before quality. La Poste is a humane service that make everyone life easier, so we had to offer an experience just like this DNA : Innovative services, with simplicity added.


Creative idea

We wanted to immerse the visitor in a world at the opposite of the other booths of the trade show to demonstrate La Poste’s ability to be at the edge of the innovation while keeping in mind the simplicity and the human minded approach.

There’s nothing better than a natural component that could act as anchor point for the whole booth. A natural element that depicts the innovation process of La Poste through an obvious symbol : a tree, like the heart and the soul of this human sized oasis of innovation.



The booth of La Poste, like an oasis of simplicity where the rythm becomes human, a unique place at Vivatech : a gigantic and central tree which naturally appease and protect the visitors from other exhausting booths. A place where innovation are though human sized thanks to the triptych structure of the booth :

  • The startups around the booth act as the source where the tree draws his power
  • The heart of the booth, the tree is the symbol of La Poste and as the catalyst of the energy
  • The innovative services, showed like the fruit of the tree reflect the partnership between La Poste and the startups.


Each La Poste service was highlighted as a 360° animation displayed on the tree fruits. those animations were presented by true postman as the perfect solution to prove the ease of usage of La Poste services, far away from technical demos and technological exploits…



Concept & Project Lead (DigitasLBi & Publicis Event)

  • Labs Director: Julien Terraz
  • Creative technologist: Stéphane Allary
  • Creative directors : Richard Arnaud, Julien Terraz & Stéphane Allary
  • Screenplay writers: Romain Boudruche & Jérémy Sitbon
  • Lead motion designer : Javier Sacristan Rodriguez
  • Illustrators : Cyril Calgaro & Patricia Grivet
  • Motion designers : Cyril Calgaro, Guillaume Lanoiselée, Lionel Darras, Valentin Tesson, Loïc Kessler
  • Software developers : Franck Youdine & Maximilien Jourdain
  • Producers : Matthieu Carton, Fabrice Beaugonin, Mathieu Collet, Régis Elatri, Valentine Louët
  • Account directors : Remy Garnier, Stephany Niogret, Catherine Cante, Caroline Pierret
  • Project managers : Maxime Decarpentries & Cécile Sallaind

Strategy (Publicis Conseil)

  • Head of strategy : Eric Forest
  • Strategic planner : Etienne Averseng

Stage design (Epatant)

  • Head of design : Etienne Villotte
  • Stage designer : Chloé Grésillon

Case Study (DigitasLBi)

  • Writer : Nolwenn De-La-Pintière
  • Video producer : Javier Sacristan Rodriguez

Sound production (Prodigious)

  • Producer : Clement Bonnet
  • Sound engineers and Sound designers : Sidney Guillen & Florentin Foucault
  • Voice-Over : François Lidove & Geoffrey Bateman