Ruinart Anamorphosis


With a pioneering spirit and an iconic heritage, Maison Ruinart has worked with DigitasLBi Labs to offer a brand new experience in art fairs and pop-up stores: a contemporary reinterpretation of the anamorphosis showcasing an animation celebrating The Maison Ruinart, an animation made in collaboration with the artist Ugo Gattoni.


How can we raise the visibility of The Maison Ruinart and make it attractive for a trendy and avant-gardist target aged of 30-45 years?


Drinking champagne is an undisputed pleasure, but it is a gesture that represents heritage and history, far from an audacious and avant-garde experience.


The Maison Ruinart have a unique history and heritage, but it is also always looking towards the future by conveying pioneering values: first house of champagne, first Rosé, first worldwide shippings … We had a to create a tension between this pioneering heritage and avant-garde :

The avant-garde exists only if there’s history


We immerse the visitor in an experience as much anchored in the history of art as on the territory of innovation. To create this tension we use the Ruinart bottle as the reflection core of an anamorphosis and a surrealist video animation created by a contemporary artist, displayed on a never seen before video display … almost in levitation.


Anamorphosis is a unique and multi-faceted anamorphic experience. It is at first, a point of attractiveness: the bottle “floats” on a glass support and reflects the light coming from below, like a lighthouse that is remarked from afar and which one wants to come closer; A beacon of beauty and lightness close to enchantment.


Afterward, there is the surprise and the interaction with the anamorphosis. One is surprised by the play between the distorted image and its reflection in the bottle reforming the real image. Then, we start by turning around this bottle to play with the reflection, to understand how the image comes to life on the glass sheet supporting the bottle … we explore the possibilities of anamorphosis.


Finally, the story arise, the gesture of the artist is revealed. We discover in a continuous traveling the chardonay vineyards, the Maison Ruinart and finally the famous crayères of the Maison, like a jewelry box for this exceptional champagne. The artist, Ugo Gattoni, takes us in a colorful, fresh and surreal animation, reinterpreting the codes of the Maison to immerse us in a poetic and avant-garde world.



The success of this installation was based on two key points: the reflection quality of the bottle and the fact of having an invisible and highly contrasted screen to diffuse the anamorphic animation of Ugo Gattoni.


For the first challenge, namely getting a bottle of Ruinart reflecting as a true mirror despite the complex curves of the bottle, we tried multiple techniques. Our research is based on the fact that the bottle, for reasons of weight, had to be printed in 3D and then have a metallic finish. We tested different technology, from high quality paint, to vacuum metallization to end up with electroforming plus a manual finishing, a solution giving a perfect mirror, without any artifact.


The second challenge was to get an invisible and circular screen, while having a high contrast. After having tested a video projector on a multitude of projection film on the market, we still did not get the desired image quality. We then began a phase of projection film hacking by break them up and hijack them from their normal use, it was during this exploration phase that we were able to obtain a projection film with a never seen before quality. This new technical solution offered us a display close to an OLED quality HD screen, without frame, circular and of only a few millimeters thick.



  • Grand Prix Stratégie Digital 2017 : Bronze
  • One Show 2017 : Bronze
  • Cannes Lions 2017 : Shortlist.
  • TopCom 2017 Design : Or
  • LIA 2017 Design Award Motion Graphics : Gold
  • LIA 2017 Design Award Product Design : Finalist


  • Labs Director : Julien Terraz
  • New media designer : Stéphane Allary
  • Creative director : Laurent Nuyen, Jey Ziegelmeyer
  • Client director : Stéphane Le Flohic
  • Project manager : Matthieu Carton
  • Artist: Ugo Gattoni
  • Animation : NOMINT
  • Furniture design : Benoit Brissart
  • Plating : Corima Technologies
  • Furniture production : GoForIt