La Poste CES 2017

La Poste

For the 3rd time, La Poste revealed their innovative approach at the 2017 Las Vegas CES. This year, they asked DigitasLBi Labs to design an immersive experience that presents their new connected services.


Their goal was to provide services that simplifies your daily life. La Poste is one of the most innovative french company : that’s not just a posture, it’s a matter of fact. They are developing and realizing a lot of innovative services. This year the focus is on VSMP, WELL@WORK and SHARE LOCK HOME.

But La Poste is more than just an innovative company : it’s a partner that you can trust. For years, they have shipped your letters and goods, now they are taking care of your data. La Poste is innovative, they have a lot of useful services, maybe too much to be understood by their clients.

Problem to solve :

How could we give a meaningful vision of La Poste services to the audience ?


Today’s life is so complex that you will have to teleport yourself around the city to accomplish your daily activities.



Bring a new point of view to the visitor by providing him augmented senses. Like the La Poste Hub the visitor will get ride of space and time to assess the vast ecosystem of connected objects and services

The ubiquity gift



We offer the visitor the opportunity to take “Le Hub” place, which is the main access to La Poste services. In the process, the visitor gets a broad vision of services usage, data stream and security.



Immersed in a dark room, the visitor dominates a large screen on the floor where he can see the life of a connected family through god’s eyes. Traveling to space and time, the camera moves from place to place by zooming-in and out in breathtaking way. An extended sight provided by a filter that offers access to all data’s family and gives the visitor an overall vision of the La Poste services ecosystem.


Concept & Project Lead (DigitasLBi)

  • Labs Director: Julien Terraz
  • Creative technologist: Stéphane Allary
  • Creative directors : Richard Arnaud, Julien Terraz
  • Motion designer : Javier Sacristan Rodriguez
  • Software developers : Franck Youdine & Maximilien Jourdain
  • Producer : Matthieu Carton
  • Account directors : Remy Garnier, Stephany Niogret, Catherine Cante
  • Project manager : Maxime Decarpentries

Stand design & implementation (Publicis Event)

  • Account directors : Caroline Pierret, Martine Fassler, Catherine Cante
  • Producer : Samir Lechani (Prodway)