Inspiration Corridor


With Klepierre, DigitasLBi Labs created “Inspiration Corridor” to illustrate the ongoing revolution and future opportunities for unique shopping experiences in malls.


What can I buy to match my last purchased article?

The real challenge for us was to get data about the consumer and provide him a recommendation quickly. In order to, we have to use 3 technologies:

  • Facial recognition
  • Recommendation algorithm
  • Skeleton scanning


To be sure that the idea is possible, we create a prototype which was the proof of concept.


An infra-red Kinect camera analyses individual visitors as they enter the “Inspiration Corridor”, thanks to body scanning technology. A device equipped with QUIVIDI video analysis and PigData product recommendation scans the users and their outfits within 2 seconds and registers the collected data: gender, age group and style of clothes.


Kinect provides us with user skeleton and allow us to silhouetting the photo taken by the webcam. Also, we analyse all the color of the user to get the predominant color of his clothes. Meanwhile, webcam sends all its frames to Quividi server which makes the user analysis. After this step, we receive all the data we need.


They can also scan the bar code of another product purchased within the shopping centre if they wish to accessorise it: for example, to match shoes with a dress. This produces a selection from the Socloz-supplied database of products and catalogues of partner brands presented in the shopping centre.


This analysis generates a personalised ‘mood-board’ of products to consumers upon their arrival.


Then, just like window-shopping, the user has to walk through the corridor and select their favourite products on the screens. Each chosen item affects the recommendation engine, made with PigData, and simultaneously updates the product selection. Thanks to Carlipa technology, we were able to push real-time content on all screens and interact with customer movements. Upon leaving the corridor, iBeacons technology Bluetooth® 4.0 allows customers to synchronise their product selection on their Klépierre mobile application. They can then geo-localise all the pre-selected products within the shopping centre.



  • 2014 Bronze Epica Experiential & shopper : Inspiration corridor
  • Trophée ecommerce 2014 -Inspiration corridor – cross canal – argent
  • Grand Prix Stratégies du Marketing Digital -Mention pour « Inspiration Corridor » - catégorie Services Digitaux Innovants


Special thanks to Klépierre and to all our partners Carlipa, PigData, Quividi and Socloz.

  • Creative technologist : Julien Terraz
  • Creative coder : Nicolas Petremann & Franck Youdine
  • Video director : Diego Verastegui
  • Motion designer: Jeremy Vissio
  • Copywriter : Nolwenn de la Pintière
  • Client Director : Vincent Druguet